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We are Sharon and Howard.    We have been renting cottages in the Laurentians for 20+ years.   Our cottage rental story began in 1997 when we bought our first chalet on Lac de la Montagne Noire in the Laurentians.   It was a tiny lakefront house, all we could afford, but the lake was magnificent and that's all that mattered.   We loved everything about being at the cottage, summer and winter.   Renting our chalet to help with expenses was how we began.   ​

In 1997, renting one's cottage was a very different experience than it is now.  With no real internet at the time and armed only with a Montreal Gazette ad, we drove all over Montreal showing people our little booklet of cottage pictures.    So hard to believe now!   But it worked, word of mouth spread, and we stayed busy.    

When our son was born in 2001, we found we didn't have enough time at our country house because it was so often rented, so we ended up investing in a second chalet.   And ended up renting that one too!   Soon, something that started as a way for our family to be in the country more turned into a business.  It truly suited us well though, as Howard is very handy with renovations, and while my background is actually in Medical Science research, I have a strong love of house design and real estate, and I really wanted to work from home when my son was young.      Sometimes life takes you to unexpected places, but it turns out to be exactly where you were meant to be.   

After a number of years of renting 2 and 3 bedroom chalets, we started building new larger lakefront homes.   Grand Lac (2009) chalet was our first, and we expanded that house to have a very large master suite and games room, and renovated the whole main level in 2019.    Sandy Lake chalet was our second large chalet that we bought mid-construction in 2011 and finished ourselves.   Birch Point (2014) and Cedar Point (2020) chalets are our latest labours of love that we each completely custom built.   It has been an incredible amount of work from start to finish because we were hands on for every aspect, but we are very proud of the result.  

Going to the lake is truly a chance to recharge.  To reconnect with friends and family by the fire, to listen to the frogs and crickets chirp at night, to see the bright stars from the dock.   To watch the surprise on your child's face as they catch their first fish.  We'd love to help you create some cottage memories for your family too.  

Howard at our first chalet

Lac Montange Noire, 1997

Howard at our Waterfront chalet

My childhood cottage

Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba 1978

Sharon & Howard

Our son Jaden

Fishing on the Dock

Chalet Grand Lac


Our daughter Allie

Picking berries

Chalet Grand Lac


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