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Meandering Diable River (Les Méandres du Diable)

A personal family favourite!  Please excuse the video quality there is no official video for this excursion and this is my personal family doing the trip.   My daughter had just turned 3 at the time and she had a blast.   A great time for all ages.


Take advantage of a half-day to go down the Diable River, between the Chat Lake and Mont de la Vache Noire. It is a peaceful ride that will allow you to discover some unique scenery. You will see the meanders of the river, the spectacular rock wall of the Vache Noire that is lightly touched by the river, a silver maple forest, and sandy shores where you will be able to bask under the sun during a break!

The package includes:

  • Canoe or kayak

  • Oar or paddle

  • Life jacket

  • Transport in the park

The  is located 50-60 min from our chalets in Mont Tremblant National park.

(look under packages)

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